PT Sukanda Djaya

PT sukanda Djaya has been the largest refrigerated food distribution company in Indonesia since 1978 and is now one of the largest dry food and beverage distribution company in Indonesia. Sukanda is wholly owned by PT. Diamond Cold Storage.

Sukanda has 17 distribution points across Indonesia, which makes it not only the largest refrigerated food distribution company in Indonesia but also the only one which operates on a national level.

Formed in 1978 the Company initially distributed only its parent company’s manufactured products which originally had been Ice cream. In 1986, realizing a problem in the refrigerated food distribution landscape management decided to introduce the Frozen Food trading division. Management believed that utilizing the same cold chain infrastructure and customer base as its ice cream operation will not only create synergy but also promote innovation in its distribution capabilities. 

In 1995, the Company started distributing dry food and beverage products and has since grown to be one of the largest dry Food and beverage Distribution Company in Indonesia.
From the start of its operation, the company had always upheld its philosophy of providing quality products at competitive prices with the highest level of service. With this philosophy, the company has been able to grow very rapidly in the past 18 years. In turn, it has been entrusted exclusively for distribution of many world re-known brands.

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